Raise Up Your own Inner Magic

In this very unique and tailored series for each special Mother or Mother to be, I show you my very special strategies for you to open space in your struggle with the juggle as a mummy and life, and show you how you will never forget to hear your own spirit again. 

Let me support you to support yourself with more kindness and trust, whenever and wherever the real needs arises instead of putting yourself on the back burner. We will go so deep, as this series shows you clarity around who you are with desire, trust, hope and excitment.

What you get in the series 

1 x Free introductory 20 minute discovery session - let's see if we are a perfect match by going over what you want to get out of coaching 

6 Zoom coaching calls, fortnightly,  over a 12 week period (3 months)

Each intuitive coaching session includes -

60 minute coaching call with me, one on one where I use a range of techniques and intuition in order to dive deep into what you are wanting to bring forth into your life 

What you can expect in the series - 

A tailored and unique series created by me specifically for you


In between each session you will also be able to access a plan of commitment and actions helping you to stay focussed based on YOU. 


Weekly check in's between our sessions via email and Voxer 

What kind of information that we could cover in your life coaching series?

Tracing blocks in order to see how you can best navigate your mindset into flexible thinking. 

Breaking the rules you have set for yourself that have become obstacles in achieving the version of you that you crave 

Nurturing your inner child and inner great divine feminine 

Honouring your motherhood journey 

Following your heart map 

Relinquishing who you think you are meant to be and step into who you really are 

Feeling into your older, wiser self to help guide you in your now. 

Observing the parts of you that you want to let go of and what you want to embrace 

Using healthy  boundaries to free up your own inner power 

Connecting your intuitive self into feeling your goddess power 

Digging deep into your relationship with money and your worth 

Shattering old programs and stories about being the "good girl" and transforming into hearing what you really want out of life 

Valuing yourself as the most highest importance and navigating through motherhood 

Marrying your younger self with your wiser old self to now to help you feel more comfortable in your own motherhood 

Initiations into rituals in your life to help hold you in a state of trust and reverence 

Identifying how to value and love yourself so that you shine 

This package comes highly recommended and is life changing as well as giving you exactly what you have been asking for. 

Ready to create the space you have been craving for?

Let's go on a inner magic journey together 

12 weeks 

1 x free consult 

1 x 30 minute soul guidance reading

6 x 60  minute fortnightly sessions 


  • Weekly  support in between sessions using WhatsApp and emails

  • Google drive support documents and planning 

Monthly payment of 


for three months 

total cost 


discount given for full payment upfront 



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