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Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat, laptop

Welcome as you are.

Welcome to Raising Up, a carefully curated space where Rowena Hobbins guides women to celebrate their entry into motherhood, young girls into menarche and all women to welcome every other part of who they uniquely are.

Through powerful and unforgettable women's and mother circles as well as one on one soul sessions in her retreat room and online coaching, let Rowena nurture and ignite your inner divine feminine through deep hearted centred connection.


Compassion not comparison. 


All in person sessions are nestled in the beautiful landscape of gum trees of Tallebudgera.

Come and relax in the serenity just fifteen minutes from Burleigh Heads. The purpose built space allows women to connect into their divine inner feminine spirit as well as with others is now here as well as a smaller intimate retreat room for private sessions.


Rowena also coaches women from all over the world through one on one online coaching sessions and online circle events.

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Are you ready to go deeper into your soul expectations?

I show women how to walk through the doorway into the version of themselves they are desiring.

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Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up

Meet Rowena...

I am Rowena and I will walk with you in every step of your own Raising Up journey.

I am a Qualified Intuitive Life Coach, have a Masters in Education and am registered teacher as well as holding a Bachelor's in Psychology.
I am also a Women's Circle Facilitator focusing on deep connection
and energetic rites of passages especially for mothers, First Moon Circle Facilitator for tween and teens (period education) and an Reiki  Practitioner who uses sound healing as well as energy work in meditation.

But, my most proudest and rewarding job is being a Mum to my three beautiful kids! 

Connect with me so that I can connect you into a deeper knowing and support for wherever you are in your life. 

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Hey Mumma's, I  see you ...

Motherhood has changed you -now what?

It's time to make time, to get to know the newer, deeper version of you.

Take a step back and see who you have become through your own heart's desires, not from expectations. 

Ready to release yourself into trusting your emotions by free falling?

Let me weave a magical space of trust, courage, integrity and strength all around you as I hold you in all of your's. The beautiful space of life coaching opens you up to any possibility via your own abundance. 


If you can envision the goal, let me support you in embodying it as well.  

Raising Up Life coaching holds you in your own pure essence, witnessing you  grow in the direction of your desired goals, to welcome in the uncompressed  version of you; in all your beauty and shadow parts.


I welcome it all. 

Been busy looking after everyone else that you forgot to remember who you are?

It's time for you to take some time and get to know the deeper version of you. 

Coaching guides you to your own sovereignty and to unlock your own inner potential. 


The universe and I have got your back! 


Intuitive life coaching creates a modality of support which allows me  to really see and feel you.


The deep soul work that we will do will also be guided to your higher self.  

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

First Moon Circles are an empowering, soul-led, alternative to more traditional period education for pre-teens, teens, mothers and carers.

Within the confides of an intimate and sacred space, participants will share the wisdom of experience in a fun and informative manner and help foster a sense of support and community for our people. 

Join Rowena as she facilitates her First Moon Circles within the serene surroundings of Tallebudgera (Gold Coast), where she empowers children to feel prepared, informed and positive about menstruation and to embrace their whole selves: body, mind and spirit.

First Moon Circles

Holistic menstrual education to empower children and recognise the sacred rite of passage that is menarche.
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Raising Up, The Podcast is about sharing stories of humans who have come to a time in their life which has changed them in a profound way. Turning deep huge emotions isn't easy work but is achievable.

Come and listen to our stories as we share our Raising Up moment, honouring our humaness and diving into our inner most vulnerable, magical potent self to share with the world and the silver lining to help listeners in their own Raising Up journey.


Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Nicola Aldridge,
Goddess Makeup Design 

"When I started my coaching with Rowena I had just made some big adjustments to my lifestyle, as I knew I wanted different results in my life, and I knew I'd only get them by changing the way I think about things.


I knew having a life coach would help me regain my self confidence and bring clarity to my goals and give me a solid plan for my dreams, and indeed help me believe in myself and my dreams, much much quicker than doing it on my own. 

The biggest change I've witnessed in myself is that my belief about a dream has gone from "it will never happen, I've given up on that and that's ok" to "I am actively taking steps to make this happen, and it will happen, and it will be awesome" and actually believing that.  This is huge for me.

We actually found out why I had my beliefs, and I felt so much support and caring from Rowena, and this really helped me feel like it was ok to let go of anything not serving me.  I don't think I've ever felt this kind of genuine "I want this for you" ... before.  It's like getting a big hug from your best friend, but with detailed ideas for your future and its ok for it to be all about you.

My confidence has returned.  This has manifested in me taking and creating new opportunities, and feeling ready to go for the things that support my goals." 

"I knew this was happening when I had a dream, which are often prophetic for me.  I used to dream of being driven around roughly in the back of a van, being thrown side to side, and through dark windy forest roads.  I'm happy to report my latest 'car dream' was me in the front seat, of an enormous Mac Truck, driving with confidence and calmness and choosing my lanes with ease.  Honk honnnk!"

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Lauren Gray,
Teacher Artist

"My marriage had recently ended, I was navigating life as a single mother and sharing custody of my two girls with my ex partner. I had just moved into my first place on my own and was getting ready to return to the workforce full-time after a year off on maternity leave. I needed something to help direct me, to make me accountable and help bring out 'me' again. After 9 years as a wife, step mother and mother, I felt as though it was my time to shine and I knew that Rowena would be able to see that.

I had no idea about coaching.  I went in with zero expectations but I wanted to make the most out of it so I felt that I needed to open up and release myself to the process.  I was excited (about the first session), I wasn't sure what to expect but Rowena made the entire process so nurturing and I felt so supported. I was energised again, like I had a direction. Every goal was a step in the right direction for what I needed for right then. It felt achievable and I felt like I had someone on my team cheering for me.

Getting down to the real root of what I really wanted. I started to finally ask myself what I wanted in life and what steps was I willing to take to get there. The process of self reflection was truly powerful."

"My friends have been so proud of the choices I have made in order to get what I want. They have been inspired by my attitude towards life and how I have began to manifest my dreams.

The biggest personal change is a belief in myself. Rowena helped me to celebrate how far I had come and that I needed to give thanks to that.  I have begun to change my self dialogue and become my best version of myself. As far as my career, I have started to make big changes in order to follow my true passion in life and I have never been happier. During the coaching process I also found love again. The change in my personal life has been profound and I'm not only entering a new chapter, I'm writing a whole new book!! During my coaching sessions I actually made a few HUGE changes in my life. Rowena was like a big warm hug that supported me through one of the hardest moments of my life. We set small achievable goals that all together made a huge difference to my life. I would love to continue coaching.

Coaching is such a personal experience and I believe it is what you make it. I never felt anything but love from Rowena and am truly thankful that she was there at that point in my life. I learnt so much about myself and learnt to question my inner dialogue. I feel like I will use what she has taught me to be the best mother, partner and woman I can be."

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat
Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

Sinead Quinn,
Personal Trainer  

"I had just been through a crazy year, my life had been turned completely upside down. I was planning to embark in a new career, and had recently made some huge life decisions in my personal and professional life. I was struggling with my self-esteem and self-efficacy to be able to begin my own business and love myself throughout the process. I knew I was holding myself back, and I was looking for advice and guidance on how to take my life to the next level and excel to my potential. I knew that in order to do this, there had to be a shift in my current beliefs about myself and the world around me." 

Through practice and talking with Rowena, I have developed a great ability to bring awareness to my negative thoughts/feelings/emotions which used to paralyse me and dominate my life. I would just be in a reactive state, with no clear vision or intent on how I want to live my life."


As the weeks went on I was more and more excited to have our fortnightly call. Rowena really took the time to listen to me and really understand who I am as a person. She was so observant, and could get to core of what were just ‘surface’ problems, in a compassionate way. The way she communicated so positively, and in a way I could understand was invaluable.

My friends and family have said they have noticed a lightness in me. I find positives in everything and seem so much happier and collected. I have become more confident, and ready to smash my new role in the fitness industry, where I belong… helping people.

Rowena Hobbins Raising Up, Koombahla Retreat

When we start to dig deep into who we really are, when we see our younger self and the passion that helped to lead us to here now, the wiser version of ourselves that comes to support us when we feel hope is lost, when we marry them all into this moment, it is when we can truly see our own great divine feminine. We begin to see what our true soul purpose is.

My soul purpose in life, is to show any woman, that they can trust themselves and know that they can access their own inner magic. Coaching with me is the exact acknowledgment of exactly who you are with complete love and strong guidance.

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Rowena Hobbins 

Qualified Life Coach, Speaker, Sacred Women's Circle Facilitator

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