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About Raising Up

Motherhood, the rebirth of us into our full divine feminine. 

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The circle that keeps going in all of her fullness, her own roundness, in  all the mess and glory, the path not always clear 

As we circle around ourselves, we can see, as we embrace our children, we are not only raising them we are also Raising Up in ourselves too. 

The lines in the Raising Up logo represent how we all change through our life path, but our essence is still the same. 

The initiation into Motherhood is different for everyone...


Rowena found after giving birth, especially the second time, that she felt completely shaken in who she was. Her whole being had been moved into a different space that she hadn't planned for herself, which ultimately lead to an awakening

Rowena's experience, without matriarchal support, lead to deep feelings of sadness and loss, especially with complications within pregnancy as well as after too.


It is from this journey that Rowena's trajectory of who she thought she was meant to be, had completely changed, for the better.


In her own Phoenix rising moment, Rowena learned how to transform and began Raising Up her whole being. 


Rowena sees the moment of darkness as one in which initiated her  into the process of truly accepting who she was in her own motherhood form.

It is why she created Raising Up, to support other women into a deep initiation into their own matrescence.


The whole space of raising children, she felt that there was a huge space in our society that was being neglected. 

Mothers also needed to be nurtured and to be  "Raised Up".

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Rowena is a mother of three who is powered by coffee, love and hope to change the future for women to see their full potential. 

She was a primary school teacher for near a decade, teaching in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Her career highlights ranged from being a professional development speaker as well as mentor teacher, but most importantly, building relationships within that community, especially with the children.

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Rowena has also studied previous to her Master's in Education Practice and also holds a Bachelor in Psychology as well as more recently trained  with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a qualified life coach. 

She has also managed several businesses with her husband and undergone a huge renovation at her own house recently, which will also act as a physical space for Raising Up with a purpose built sacred holding space for circles and events  as well as a retreat for women to stay at. 

She hopes that there will be many women passing through these doors that she can lovingly support on a more wider scale and also coaches via Zoom with clients all around the world.

Rowena in her spare time also loves to cook and to craft as well as paint, with her three littlest sidekicks by her side.  

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Rowena is also highly intuitive and has been since being a child. She uses her ability to connect with her own soul team in order to help herself personally and guiding her in circles as well as with clients .


Rowena also writes deep guided meditation divined from messages from her intuition in order for women to connect deep in.  She practises her own craft daily and shares ideas on her socials on how to take your children along into your own self love and intuitive journey.  

You can follow Rowena at her Instagram and FB page and make bookings for intuitive soul readings or life coaching via the website and on her social pages. 

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