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Reclaim Your Pleasure

A SAFE and INCLUSIVE space for all women who want support to go on an inner adventure. 

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Pleasure Club 2023

Getting inside of your pleasure is a deep dive into your body, your relationships and your inner psyche.


How have you been experiencing your pleasure in life?

Are you the caregiver who constantly gives to others and has little left in the tank for yourself. 


How have you been experiencing your pleasure in life ?


Are you the caregiver who constantly gives to others and has little left in the tank for yourself. 

When we get to the space of leaving spare time for yourself or even being physically in the moment for ourselves to enjoy the time we have - there may be that feeling of the GAP . . . . .


A stagnation of feelings and emotions in how we process and move forwards in enjoying the person we are today with the person we imagined we would be in this moment.


When the movement falls through us to feel pleasure - in our inner and outer cycles - if we aren't tuned into our BODY, our outer relationships  and our internal dialogue of inner programs that run our psyche - then we can suffer in our ability to feel ESPECIALLY PLEASURE.

Women who were controlled through their own pleasure consistently underestimate the meaning of consent into their own pleasure and giving it to themselves as a permission slip.

Beach at Sunset

Being the nice girl has always meant we need to deny our own needs. 

Sacrificing our highest pleasures comes with the betrayal to ourselves and the autonomy of our body...

...because if we are people pleases, we are taught to listen to other people's needs, body, mind and soul, versus listening to our own mind, body and soul. 

And the only way we will grant ourselves pleasure is if we are truly willing to be vulnerable and commit to ourselves in doing the work.

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Joining forces into a sister hood circle relationships is a beautiful way to nurture yourself and also allow the time for you to commit to going further and requiring your commitment as well as accountability 


Thats why I have developed

"The Pleasure Club"


A SAFE and INCLUSIVE space for all women who want support to go on an inner adventure. 

Who is the Pleasure Club for?

If you are a woman from who has had lived experiences who are at a point of their journey who have got to a point that need MORE from life.


You are the human who considers others and their needs, a person who has been through their own Raising Up moments.

You have been through times of inner retrospection and on the precipice of moving forward out of the feeling of scarcity in your own pleasure and ready to open up to the fullness of LIFE once again and journey through your own programming - reclaiming your inner spirit, breaking down and rebuilding and re-conceptualisation of your own PLEASURE. 

The Pleasure Club, starting the 20th January 2023 and journeying right through into July 15th 2023.

A journey from six cycles around the new moon ending at the 6th cycle - with an option to continue for another six months afterwards. 

"Raising Up is a safe, honest and sacred space that provides women with the opportunities to stop, recharge, grow, step into your higher self and to look inside and connect deeply with yourself. Rowena is truly passionate about creating a space and relationship with her clients so they can be the best they can be no matter the goal or and path."

Tegan M

"What a wonderful human Rowena is.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone to try.


I was blown away by her gifts and patience and am hooked.

Can’t wait for my next session!!

Thank you so much!"

Yoland S

"Rowena really understands the importance of connection, stillness, breath, openness, sharing, discovery, and truth.


Her sharing circles create an opportunity to claim your path, reach calm, or simply just be... depending on you in that moment in that circle...


Women healing women."

Kate C

"Rowena from Raising Up is such a beautiful soul with the most caring and gentle nature.


She is incredible at making you feel heard and seen for exactly who you are and meeting you where you at.


Highly recommend attending one of her online circles!"

Sam B

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New Podcast Socials  (3).png

Each month your will receive:

Fortnightly meet ups with the group which includes:

One live coaching call each month 

One live women's circle each month


Weekly check in on Voxer with Rowena; 

a way to really support you in your PLEASURE journey  as I help you commit to the tools of your choice to go further into your exploration of getting to deeply know yourself


Curated FB group community with a community of support


Monthly recorded guided visualisations and energy updates 


Accountability in your own pleasure and commitment to a ritual practice with unique tools and accountability of self care and self pleasure.

What You Will Experience



Moon Cycle One
January - February 

The Opening

New Moon in Aquarius; the beginning of a new cycle 


Full Body Immersion - Connection


- Learn about how your body is a storage container of emotions and how to tap back in to your PLEASURE 


- Learn how energy holds us in energetic patterns and how the three pillars of the Pleasure Club, COMPASSION, CONNECTION AND CREATION, are ways in which you will create your improved values on the little steps each day to make space for yourself to feel 


- Learn about embodiment of emotions and how they show up in your body with creation, connection and compassion helping you to power forward into embodying your own pleasure


- Learn how to chart your cycle and use your cycle and inner critic to help show you the shadows to love in order to help heal and reconnect your connection to your body 


- Learn about your Enneagram and what it is 

Guest Speaker

Sam Baldock  (Enneagram Coach)

- Learning how to understand and embrace your enneagram type so you can thrive in life and relationships 


Moon Cycle Two
February - March

New Moon in Pisces; sensitivity and perceptiveness 


Creation of CONSCIOUS Pleasure 

In month two, we will use what you have learned in cycle one to move forward into exploring your why.

- We look into how self deprecation, devaluation, internalised consequences and societal pressure as well as moral learned values that have taken away from our pleasure and away from our own inner alignment. 

- We go into a deep surrendering of understanding how we will never get that "perfect picture" in our mind of how things should be before we feel happy to internalise pleasure - instead you will be guided into how pleasure can really turn up when you turn it ON. 

- We will begin to really define:

What is your physical pleasure feel and look like with all of your senses? 

How have you created intimacy in your life and how is it nurtured ? 

What meaningful activities do you have in your life that fulfil your sense of intimacy ? 

Learn how practices of giving everything to others but not nurturing yourself has been built around practices of social constructs and how your consent shows up everyday asking you to show up for your own pleasure 

Guest Speaker

Alysha Orjatham (Occupational Therapist)

Creator of How to Fck Spiders podcast and Sex is Self Care 


Moon Cycle Three
March - April 

New Moon Aries; a time to plant seeds 


Compassion to your PAST self and a time to re-write the inner script 

In cycle three - we will go deeply into the relationships you have with your inner child, teenager and also twenty something and however you are old now.

- We start the journey into RADICAL ACCEPTANCE with exploring safely elements that you are ready to receive the wisdom from

- We will look at all the parts of developed self schemas that you have with pleasure and show compassion 

- Creating rites of passages for each version of you that needs to be seen to be validated and to be felt in order to deeply create an inner relationships with the psyche of yourself and a greater connection with your intuition 


Guest Speaker

Charlotte Pointeaux

Internationally Award Winning Coach and Shamanic Craftswoman


Moon Cycle Four
April - May

New Moon Aries: A time to cultivate the seeds you planted 

 Connection to Your Divine Feminine 

Connecting deep into the inner and great divine feminine 


- We explore the connections you have in your life 

- We explore the Sisterhood wound and how it shows up as the internal critic 

- The way in which stories of perfection and isolation have taken from your story of pleasure for the whole of your life 

- We explore your connection to the mother line 

- We go deep into diet culture and how it has shut ourselves down from our pleasure with our body 


- We go deep into any inner abandonment and change your inner narrative 

 - How to feel sexy and exploring your own pleasure and not just honouring others pleasure


Moon Cycle Five
May - June 

New Moon Taurus; a time to really make things happen 

Creation of Your Reclamation

In this bigger part of The Pleasure Club we go into some deep layers

- We look deeply at how every event in our life has meaning and has created how we receive pleasure and how we can purposefully create PLEASURE in our life 

The creation cycle in your life -

How was it developed 

How do you see it playing out in your life still 


Moon Cycle Six
June - July

New Moon Taurus: a time to consciously manifest 


 Compassion and CELEBRATION 

We explore every part of you that hasn't been celebrated in the past and bring forth huge compassion in a CELEBRATION of you 

In our last cycle together we will also have a major celebration with guest hosts and a closing ceremony to honour all the women who have completely created a space for themselves in the six months together to curate their own pleasure. 


Ennegram Report delivered by special guest host Sam Baldock, Ennegram Specialist 

Loved what you've read so far and ready to rediscover your pleasure...


One single payment

upfront before course commencement



2 x Quarterly Payments

$1250 Upfront deposit

followed by 1 x $1250 after the first 3 months



8 x Monthly Payments

$400 Upfront deposit

followed by 8 x $300

monthly payments





Book before January 10th & receive

a 1:1, 90  minute intuitive coaching session with Rowena during your Pleasure Club Journey 


A one on one Enneagram coaching session with your report with Sam Baldock

New Podcast Socials  (3).png

Pleasure Club 2023

Getting inside of your pleasure is a deep dive into your body, your relationships and your inner psyche.

A SAFE and INCLUSIVE space for all women who want support to go on an inner adventure. 

Join the

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