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First Moon Circles

Holistic menstrual education to empower children and recognise the sacred rite of passage that is menarche.

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First Moon Circles

First Moon Circles are an empowering, soul-led, alternative to more traditional period education for pre-teens, teens, mothers and carers.

Within the confides of an intimate and sacred space, participants will share the wisdom of experience in a fun and informative manner and help foster a sense of support and community for our people. 


Rowena is an accredited facilitator with First Moon Circle and is passionate about honouring the rites of passages from menarche in her First Moon Circles, to motherhood in her sacred women’s

What is a First Moon Circle?
First Moon refers to a person’s very first period – their menarche.

A First Moon Circle is a gathering where young girls can learn and celebrate the significant and transformative experience of their first menstruation, also known as their First Moon. It is a chance for girls to feel proud, gain knowledge, become empowered, and learn how to support themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they transition into womanhood, regardless of whether they have already started t
heir period or not.

What happens at a First Moon Circle?

Session One: Education

We begin our two hour session with a session that is designed exclusively for the group to have fun, get to know each other and learn important information about their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (the first period, or first moon).

During this time, participant will learn about:

  • What periods and puberty are, the changes that occur during this developmental stage, and what they can expect to notice and feel in their bodies and emotions.

  • An introduction to the female body, hormones, and the reproductive system.

  • An introduction to Cycle Awareness, which involves understanding that the period is just one part of a four-stage cycle and how our energy, superpowers, and needs change throughout the month.

  • An introduction to self-care for their cycle, including topics such as why rest is important, how to nurture themselves through the pre-menstrual phase, and why it's okay to feel a bit cranky at times.

  • Body and earth-friendly period product options, with a chance to experiment with different options.

  • An opportunity to ask any awkward, embarrassing, or curious questions that they may not have felt comfortable asking before.


Caregivers return for Celebration

Session two 

We invite loved ones to join us for a celebratory afternoon tea where participants share what they've learned, and where elders can offer positive guidance and beautiful wishes for the participant's futures. The intentions of this event are to:

  • Model open and honest communication about periods and puberty among friends and adults.

  • Provide parents with an opportunity to acknowledge and encourage their daughters' positive learning and experiences, while also encouraging them to talk openly about personal topics.

  • Allow parents to share their wisdom with the group, helping the girls feel supported and reminding them that they are not alone in their experiences.

  • Allow the girls to share what they have learned with the adults, which may offer new knowledge to the attendees.

  • Celebrate this special time in a girl's life and frame the natural process as normal, healthy, magical, and empowering.

Join Rowena as she facilitates her First Moon Circles within the serene surroundings of Tallebudgera (Gold Coast), where she empowers children to feel prepared, informed and positive about menstruation and to embrace their whole selves: body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of First Moon Circles:

 - Assist mothers and daughters, and the entire family, in discussing puberty and periods.


- Normalise positive conversations surrounding menstruation in various settings, such as schools, workplaces, and friendships, and promote inclusivity for all individuals to feel comfortable discussing periods.

- Honour Menarche, the first menstrual cycle, as a significant rite of passage that helps guide young individuals into the next stage of their lives.

- Address the negative impact of menstrual shame that has been passed down through generations.

- Provide safer spaces where young people can be themselves and benefit from the power of healthy sisterhood.

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Next Full Moon Circle:

1.00pm, Saturday May 13, 2023

First Moon Circles go above and beyond what's missing in mainstream school education and though their network, which Rowena is proud to be a part of, are on a mission to heal menstrual shame and create period-positive cultures and communities to nourish, empower and transform the lives of future generations to come.


" I learnt about the seasons (of the cycle ) and self care . I can't think of anyway it could have been better. It was really good. "

- Child

" I got to learn all about my period and body parts for when I need it  and so I can talk about it without being embarrassed. "

- Child

" Thank you so much for a beautiful workshop... that my daughter really needed. This has given her more support, a better understanding of the new chapter coming into womanhood and explaining the whole process in a loving and nurturing way. 

I wish more girls and mothers are supported like you have done for both of us. I'm forever grateful. " 


" The best bit was learning about my body and the way it changes. 
The First Moon Circle was so good it could not be better. "

- Child

" The best bit of the First Moon Circle was learning that girls have my back...

It was great!  "

- Child

" It really has made a huge difference to her attitude and openness about periods. A successful Mum moment! 

You did an amazing job . Thank you so much for making life easier for us all. Thank You. "


- Parent

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New Podcast Socials  (3).png

Interested in Learning More? 

Complete the form below and Rowena will be in touch with more information and details on the next upcoming First Moon Circle. 

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