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30 minute Intuitive Card Reading

If you are looking into some insight around your current state and what you are feeling, then a mini intuitive card reading will be a great investment for those who want to have some clearer insight into their current state.



During your reading, you will be given a detailed message in regards to what is coming up for you. Please have a question ready for me to dream on for you and seek greatest truth.



This card reading will often bring all the goodness that you have been asking from your own soul calling. 

Get ready for some inspiration, great vibes and soulful conversations

30 minutes -

Investment of $70


90 minute Intuitive "Soul Shift" session

This beautiful and loving session is for those who are feeling stuck in their own energy and needing a vibrational shift.


In the session, you will have a meditation that you will undertake, a card reading and a mantra prescribed for you to take with you after the session as well as any intuitive messages you are needing to hear.


This is the truth seeking session that holds you lovingly and opens you up into the next part of your journey.


Each soul shift session is completely unique .

Be open to hearing your soul's song.

90 minutes - Investment of  $150 

The Intuitive Shift session -2.png


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