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So, what does Raising Up mean ?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

It all started when I was a little girl. Isn't that where it all starts?

I would sit with my two sisters every holidays making them sit in class as well as organising all the kids in the neighbourhood to have a fun "play day" together. Even in high school, I was the one to plan, in our very small community, a way for our social group to come together and support each other. It was my complete honour watching and joining people together.

I have always loved holding space.

As a teacher, I felt completely in my element in that classroom. Watching children learn new things and grow with confidence was my pride and joy. But when I had my first child, something began to change in me. I could see that my dedication had changed, that my child had come first for everything and a part of me was dissolving away.

Not having a lot of direct family support around me, I relied heavily on mother's groups, music groups and all kinds of groups in those first few years to really hold me as a mother. But, most of the time, the conversations I really wanted to be having, just weren't happening and I had no idea where to start them when I was in the thick of it.

So, from my space of loneliness, grief and knowing a space was there for the changing, to make it for the better of other women who came after me, I realised, that the little girl in me was already dreaming and making the plans to call the space together.

For me to call women together and who are called to me is the greatest honour. To have a unique space of clear love and openness - where women could feel into their own matriessence, doing the most important job in the world of raising children, they too can feel as though they are "Raising Up" their own soul purpose. We are more then just a body that holds and carries our babies, we are the women who hold the next generation as well as our own, we are "Raising Up"

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